Baby A

Kristin is friends with Shalee and saw Sweet Baby T’s pictures on facebook and got my info and asked me to come and take her Baby A’s pictures.  I had a great time, thanks again Kristin and Jason, and thanks to Shalee for the awesome referral!

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She was born 2 weeks ago and I think it is so awesome that her Dad still has her ID bracelet on.

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Final Day in Alaska

On our final day we got up early again and put on our hiking clothes for one more fun hike in Alaska before I left.  We went to Thunderbird Falls and it was a great little hike and very pretty.  The mosquitoes however ate us alive, mostly John because he wouldn’t put his coat on that had a hood to cover his neck.  We were there so early that we had the place to ourselves which was great. 









While John got to hike to a spot that had a better view he wouldn’t let me come because it was really steep.  So instead I snuck down right by the river.  He was a little worried about how he was going to drag my pregnant self out of there but I had already found a quick easy way back up so he wasn’t too mad after that.


After our hike we hurried and got ready for the day so we could run downtown again and see more of the shops.  We also went to a great restaurant for lunch and found a few souvenirs.



This is the lady who sells reindeer sausages.  John tried one and promised to never make me try it.  He is my taste tester, he always tries things first and he will tell me if I will like it or not.


I mentioned in my post yesterday about all the REAL fur around Alaska, well this day we went into a few of the retail shops to check it out again.  I have never seen or tried on real fur wraps and coats before, but I won’t lie, I am sold.  If I had one I would sleep in the stupid thing it is so nice and soft!

I don’t remember what dead animal this was made of, but it’s sure pretty huh?

ak38 by you.

This is the full length Mink coat I told John to buy me.  It really is very practical, I could wear it when we go out to dinner at Wendy’s and Chili’s and other fancy places like that.

ak45 by you.

He politely declined when he looked at the price tag. 


We didn’t take the Trolley because it took you on an hour long tour and we didn’t have time.


I love a good vintage sign.


And only in Alaska do you see someone walking their pet reindeer in the park.  If I would have had a video camera you could have seen the reindeer was actually walking him most of the time!


After downtown John made dinner for his boss Nan, her son, and for Mark, the guy that he is renting a room from in Alaska.  Mark and Nan are actually dating and Nan is the one who made it so John could live there for the summer which we greatly appreciated.  Here a few pictures of the condo.

IMG_6528 by you.

Mark builds and flys these little airplanes.

IMG_6527 by you.

John’s bathroom.

IMG_6523 by you.

Mark’s nice kitchen.

IMG_6522 by you.

John’s room.

IMG_6521 by you.

It was awesome to have a nice place to stay while I was there so we didn’t have to spend money on a hotel.  I had an amazing time getting to see my husband for a few days, and getting to see part of Alaska.  Next time I would like to stay for 2 weeks and really see it all.

Alaska Day 3

Day 3 was just as packed with things to do as the other days.  We got up at a good time so we could go downtown to the market they have.  It is a big swap meet basically.  If you have ever been to Honolulu, it reminds me of that swap meet only smaller.  It is the best and cheapest places to get souvenirs. 



I have another post about this tomorrow but seriously the fur sales in Alaska are crazy!  I don’t know how they don’t have PETA people after them all the time.  They have lots of vendors just selling pelts and for some reason it made me laugh. 

Weasel anyone?


They even still had their head parts and a big ring going through there eyeball socket to hang them up.  It was so gross!


But the find of the day has to be this next one.   Don’t be surprised when you see one under your Christmas tree from me!

It is Rudolph’s freakin leg for sale!! HA HA HA so sick.


The best part of my day was the funnel cake.  This is what I look forward to the most every summer and I was pumped to have found a vendor selling them at market.


So after we went to the market we stopped by the mall to buy me a few maternity skirts and to make tiny baby a stuffed moose from Build A Bear.  It was fun. 

After that we ran to the park next to where we parked so we could hunt down and take a picture of none other than Sarah Palin herself!  It was her last official day as Governor and she was throwing herself a goodbye party for the residents of Anchorage.


I shouted and told her that my Dad loved her and wanted to have her babies, but she didn’t even act like she heard and I know she did.  He does love her you know, him and everyone else I know it seems.  But no one loves her more than my sister Randa and her husband Jerrod.  Rumor has it they are both going to campaign for her…


It started raining a little once we got home but we really wanted to go hiking to a place called Flattop so we bundled up and went.  We didn’t go to the top because my guts are way to big for that, but we went on the Blueberry Loop trail that circled the mountain.

That is Anchorage behind us.



I have never seen clouds and fog roll in faster than I have here.  The whole mountain we were on was covered in only a few minutes.  It was pretty to watch.


Here we are wet and cold but still having a good time.


We went home and changed into dry clothes so we could go out to dinner and to rent a movie.  John also found this awesome grocery store with an amazing bakery where we went and got a treat to watch a movie with, which is our tradition when we are home.  It was a great 3rd day. 


Alaska Day 2

The second day I was in Alaska we went on a harbor cruise to see the wildlife.  We had to drive to Seward which was a little over 2 hours away but the drive was so pretty you didn’t even notice.  The weather was really cold and rainy but we had an awesome time anyway.


IMG_6591 by you.




Here is our boat.

IMG_6621 by you.

We saw a few different animals while on our cruise.  There are loads of eagles there so we saw a lot of those.


Beautiful waterfalls.


Here we are on the boat at the very beginning before we started freezing.




We finally had to put on hats to brave going outside on the deck of the boat.  It was really cold and the rain and wind were pretty bad out on the ocean.



I didn’t have a big enough lens to get a good picture, but this is an otter back floating.








That is a glacier behind us.  Don’t mind that I am a shopping cart away from being a bag lady, I mean seriously look at that outfit 🙂


More animals.


After our boat ride we hiked up to a glacier.  It was pretty amazing to see one in real life.


IMG_6627 by you.

IMG_6628 by you.

On the drive back we stopped at this pretty spot to take more pictures.




On our drive back we were about 1 hour from home when traffic was totally stopped.  There was a fatal accident up the road and it took them 4.5 hours to get it cleaned up and the road opened again.  This was the sign we were stopped by the whole time.  

When we left Seward we bought me some huge 1.5 liter waters because I was dying of thirst.  I guzzled one all the way down thinking we were going to be home in no time.  Bad idea when I am not pregnant, really bad idea when I am.  I am not an outside girl at all, so the thought of having to pee in the woods was horrifying to me.  Luckily my little sister Terri talked common sense into me through a text by telling me it was either the woods or my pants.  After waiting for almost 2 hours the woods won out.  John has never been more proud!


It was an awesome second day and I was exhausted after it was over.  Since we were stuck on the road for 4.5 hours I had to sleep part of the night in the truck.  We didn’t get home until 2 in the morning and John said that was the darkest he has ever seen it get there in Alaska was at 2:00 AM.

Alaska Day 1

I didn’t get to fly into Anchorage until about 3:00 on Thursday so we didn’t have much time that day.  We ran to John’s condo to change, drove to his work so I could meet his friends and see his office, and then drove to Girdwood for dinner and a tram ride at Alyeska Ski Resort. 

Alaska is absolutely amazing.  It is so much more beautiful than I ever thought it would be, it really was stunning.  It had also turned off cold a few days before I came and I had not packed very well for cold weather, but John had an extra coat that I could wear the whole time. 

Here we are on our way to meet John’s coworkers.

Alaska 2009

On our drive to Girdwood we saw all these people pulled off the side of the road staring at the water so we decided to stop and see what it was all about.  I was hoping it was a whale, but no such luck.  I guess it was like the highest tide of the year or something like that.  We didn’t stay too long.

Alaska 2009

Alaska 2009

Alaska 2009


Alaska 2009 by you.

Alaska 2009

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I guess there was the biggest earthquake in the USA here in Alaska about 50 years ago and all the salt water from the ocean killed a bunch of trees.

Alaska 2009 by you.

We ate dinner at this great place that everyone talks about called The Double Musky to celebrate John’s birthday which was a couple days before.  We shared the biggest steak I have ever seen and the waiter told us we eat light because we shared.  This steak was the size of Texas, and 1/2 of it was not light!

Alaska 2009 by you.

Alaska 2009

After dinner we rode the tram at Alyeska and took some pictures from the top. 

Alaska 2009

Alaska 2009

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Alaska 2009 by you.

View of the bay.

Alaska 2009 by you.

Alaska 2009

I have never seen more waterfalls and streams ever.  They are all over the place and they are so pretty!

Alaska 2009 by you.

Alaska 2009 by you.