Young Women Lesson #33 Avoiding Degrading Media Influence

Here are my handouts for Lesson #33.  I attached them to mini bags of microwave popcorn since it is Fast Sunday and I can’t hand out real food 🙂 

Lesson #33 Degrading Media

Click on the link to download the handout:  Lesson #33 Degrading Media small

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This is a pretty large file, if you would like me to e-mail it to you send me an e-mail at carolinbeth20 @ hotmail

White Picket Fence


One of the reasons that I feel in love with the house we rent is the white picket fence out front.  That in combination with the pink house makes it all the more lovely.  When I give people directions to my house I tell them it is the “pink house with the white picket fence”.  Or at least it was until sometime late last night.


When some punks ruined it for me.  Freakin losers, now what am I going to tell people when they need to find my house?  Just saying I live in a pink house isn’t near as cool.

Upside to this vandalism:

1.  I rent the house so this isn’t my problem.

2.  They didn’t even touch our cars right out front.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone.