$10 Find Of The Day

Last week John and I stumbled upon this church yard sale where a bunch of people bring all their stuff to one spot to sell.  We decided to wander around for a minute and see what they had.  One of the last places we stopped had this great dresser for only $10.  It is all real wood and very sturdy, and very heavy.  We had been looking online for a dresser for the baby but I couldn’t find anything that I really loved.  I have a hard time paying $199 for something that isn’t even made out of real wood and that will only last a couple of years.  We some how managed to shove it in our car and brought it home to fix it up.  If my mother taught me anything in life, it is that a little paint can fix everything.

It has a few cracks that we had to fill in with wood putty and sand down a few times before we started painting.  We also took off the ugly wood handles it came with and bought some really pretty ones from Lowe’s.  I won’t lie, I spent $50 on the new pulls for this dresser. 


John has been the greatest with painting anything and everything that I ask him too.  He doesn’t love painting, in fact he told me that as soon as we could afford it we would hire all our painting out.  I don’t mind painting too bad and if I wasn’t pregnant I would have done it all myself.  But he did an awesome job on this and the baby’s room.


Here is the finished product, doesn’ t it look awesome?  I love how it turned out.


We will get a changing pad to put on the top so we can use it as a changing table for the first little while too. 


The nursery is slowly coming together.  We should have the crib sometime this week and my mom is going to give me a rocker.  I already have a bookcase and a little nightstand.  I am getting so excited to get it finished completely.     


5 thoughts on “$10 Find Of The Day

  1. Oh my gosh that does look amazing! Can you start finding and fixing furniture for my house? I want furniture so badly but we just can’t afford it right now, I could totally do $60 for a dresser, especially if it looked that cute in the end!

  2. Thanks everyone 🙂

    Wendy you totally need to try it, you have all the great DI’s down there, you could find some awesome things!

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