Weekly Gut Check

32 weeks

32 Weeks.

Ok seriously I am only 32 weeks, do the math, that means I have 8 weeks left.  Where the crap is this kid going to go for the next 8 weeks?  I am already stretched beyond capacity.  My mind is literally boggled at the thought of him getting bigger in the next 8 weeks.  I am afraid to see what I look like by my due date.  I might not be brave enough to keep posting my weekly gut checks. 


5 thoughts on “Weekly Gut Check

  1. Carolyn I think you look fantastic. You’re a cute little pregnant lady. I know what you mean about not knowing where else it will go, but somehow your body manages to put it in places you didn’t even know it could.

  2. Carolyn, I cannot beleive how good you look! You only have “roundness” in your tummy. I, on the other hand, got a puffy face, fat arms, gigantic cankles, you name it. I had chub everywhere. I always envy beautiful women like you who keep the rest of their figure while being pregnant. Can’t wait to see the little one!

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