Cousin Shanna & Family

This nice neighbor of Shanna’s let us use his property to take these pictures.  It was a beautiful area and we couldn’t have asked for better light.  One thing we could have done without was the killer swan.  I am not kidding, the owner handed Matt a broom and said watch out for the mean swan and good luck.  He wasn’t joking either.  Matt had to keep swatting it away as Shanna and I grabbed the kids and kept running away from it.


We laughed our heads off like we always do when we were together and we had a great time.  Thanks for letting me stay Matty and Shanna, sorry these took so long to get done!









M6 by you.



4 thoughts on “Cousin Shanna & Family

  1. Thanks for doing these for me! I love them so much. You do such a perfect job!!! This photography session was my most memorable by far! That swan was going to have the last word when we drove away with it pecking at our car tires. Never anger a male swan!
    We love you too Rhonda!!!

  2. Shanna is such a stinker! She never told me about these! They look great, Carolyn! I especially love the one with Matt and the kids, I love how Andrew is hugging his arm. He loves his daddy so much. Great job on these pictures, and the pics that John took of you being pregnant, you look so happy and beautiful. Glad that you’re doing well.

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