Maternity Pictures

I have always wanted to do maternity pictures but there isn’t a photographer close to me that I like.  I found one in Logan but it never worked out so I decided to have John take them for me and I would edit them.  I set my camera on AV mode, set the setting how I liked and he did the rest.  It worked out good, he would take a few and then let me look and we would change things around and try a few more until I got some that I really liked.  I think they turned out really fun, and I am super glad that we did them before it snowed the next day! 




cbg38 by you.


cbg15 by you.

cbg18 by you.

cbg14 by you.

cbg21 by you.

cbg37 by you.

cbg43 by you.

cbg40 by you.