I Am Ready For Halloween

I have been obsessed with Halloween this year.  I usually don’t love this holiday, but with the baby coming right after Halloween I feel this crazy need to decorate and really get into it this year.  It is like my finish line if you will, it is only a few days after Halloween that I am due so I want to really make this month fun and memorable.  I went out and bought a few new decorations that I really love and here they are.

Here is the banner I just blogged about, all put together.  It was totally worth my $16.


I have wanted a Halloween tree for a long time and I finally found the perfect one at TJ Maxx.


I love love love anything and everything vintage so these darling pictures were perfect for what I was going for and they look super cute on my tree.




Here are some of the other decorations that I bought for my Halloween tree at this awesome crafty/decoration store.






This is classic and I had to buy it. 


Here are my shelves.


I already had the glass thing, and I bought these sparkly skulls and the black crow at the dollar store.


My $3 sign from Big Lots.



I saw this idea on Esty.  I already had the glass jar with the lid, so all I needed were the black beans.  I printed the little sign off, and it looks pretty close to the one I saw. 


We have this book about unexplained mysteries so I found a good scary picture and have it propped open to that page.


I don’t have a ton of decorations yet, but I will keep adding each year until I get it how I want it.  My mom always did holidays great.  She loves to decorate and holidays were always fun with her.  We would come home from school and she would have the house all done up and ready for the month.  I loved this about her.  She is very talented and made most of her decorations, and one day I hope to do the same. 

7 thoughts on “I Am Ready For Halloween

  1. I need to take a decorating class from you or your mom, or just hang out with you and hope some of the craftiness rubs off. When I grow up I hope to be more like you. 🙂 Everything looks awesome!

  2. Well look at your Miss Martha Stewart! Love it! I have absolutely no Halloween decor. Lame I know. You just wait until Christmas comes…. I love Christmas Decor! I could put it out right now and turn up the Christmas tunes but Lane refuses to let me. See you Wednesday!

  3. Jenny for sure that would be my mom you would want to hang out with, she is AMAZING! I aspire to be her.

    Thanks Em. John made me wait longer than I wanted to!

    Awe Thanks Jes 🙂 You tell Lane to be nice and let you play Christmas music if you want! Can’t wait for game night tomorrow!

  4. Way too cute Carolyn! I love it and love that it all so fits your style. So sorry that I won’t be there for game night! I can’t wait for all the good stories. With that group, there is bound to be some good ones!

  5. Your house looks so cool! I love the idea of opening up a book to a scary page! Very creative. I also love the silk pumpkins of orange and green that you have in the pic with the witch and the jar of beans. Looks awesome! I love halloween!

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