Monday Night Confessions

Wow I have missed a few of these, have you missed me? 

  • I swear I am going to do Monday Night Confessions each and every week.  During the week I think of great things to confess and then by the time Monday rolls around I have forgotten them all.  This pregnancy brain is a real thing I swear.
  • Last week at work one of the directors left me a note on my desk for a Tents and Awnings company.  He said it is because I am the size of a house.  HAHA I should have been totally offended, but let’s be honest, it’s totally true.  I am huge.  No, bigger than huge.  But don’t worry, I have plans to repay him, BIG plans! 
  • Let’s talk about Nesting.  First, I totally despise the word.  I think it is a stupid word for something that a few months ago I didn’t think was even real.  Let’s just say that I am now a firm believer.  I have thrown away more crap than  you can imagine in the last 2 months.  I have gone through EVERY room in my house, including the attic and our storage shed.  We cleaned and purged tons of stuff to make room for baby.  I felt so much better when it was all done, it was like I could finally breathe again.  But unfortunately for Johnny it still is in full force.  I find something new to be obsessed with when it comes to getting my home ready for the baby. 
  • First of all, whoever told me that morning sickness ends after the first 12 weeks lied.  Flat out lied to me.  Throwing up when you are 34 weeks pregnant hurts A LOT more than when you are just 12 too by the way.  The bigger I get, the more violent my morning sickness seems to be on my body. 
  • Second of all, whoever told me that I would be the proud new temporary owner of big pregnancy boobs also lied.  Mine haven’t grown one teeny tiny bit.  Not an ounce, not at all.  Still the same size as they were 8 months ago.  Don’t worry, I feel sorry for John too.  Poor dude has to put up with all the regular pregnancy annoyances, without one fringe benefit for him. 
  • I can’t read books about labor, it freaks me out.  I would rather just figure it out while I am in the middle of it than be freaked out before it happens.  So John and I made a deal, he will read the books, learn all the info and coach me along the way.  That way I don’t stress out even more than I am right now.  It works for us. 
  • I don’t really like ice cream all that much.  It isn’t something that I crave ever, or can eat of a lot of, but these last few weeks I have developed a raging addiction to Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream.  So for a treat a few times a week we will dish us up a little cup full.  This way we are getting a treat, but only a small tumbler full, not a large bowl full.  It is yummy ice cream, and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

Well those are my confessions for today.  They are all pregnancy related, but I can’t help it as that is what is consuming my entire life at this point. 



5 thoughts on “Monday Night Confessions

  1. Okay seriously I have the nesting instinct right now! It is so crazy, I have no idea where it came from! All of the sudden I am deep cleaning my house every second of the day and keep finding more odds and ends to do. It’s only 4.5 months early too 🙂

    PS Hang on there in the boob department. Just you wait till your milk comes in, oh my goodness!

  2. Car! That sucks in the boob department! Oh well, at least they wont get all saggy after your done having babies! (thats me looking on the bright side for you)(…your welcome)

  3. Just wait until after you have baby boy, and your milk comes in… they will grow so much you will wish for your smaller size again. My boobs never grew until afterwards, and then they hurt so bad, and are leaking milk everywhere, that they are off limits to my husband. Poor guys.

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