Clint, Becca and Little T

This is my brother Clint and his cute family.  Little T is only 4 months in these pictures and he is already 18 pounds of pure awesomeness!  He is very smiley.

BR Fam (5)

Here is T chilling on one of our breaks.

BR Fam (4)

BR Fam (8)

Could you just die at this next picture?? 

BR Fam (36)

BR Fam (9)

So this next serious of pictures is my favorite.  This is T and his trusty dog Dory.  Trying to get them to pose together was fun, and here is the proof.  In this picture Dory was being yelled at for not paying attention.  The look on T’s face is EXACTLY the same look his dad gets.

BR Fam (11)

Now they are both being told to pay attention.  One by mom and the other by dad.  Too bad mom and dad were not standing next to each other.

BR Fam (12)

Ok now they are all perked up and ready to go.

BR Fam (13)

A little more relaxed now.

BR Fam (14)

So glad it’s over.

BR Fam (15)

T and his dad look so much alike.  Ralph is a good dad and you can just tell how much he loves his boy.

BR Fam (34)

BR Fam (16)

BR Fam (22)

BR Fam (33)

BR Fam (25)

BR Fam (28)

BR Fam (29)

BR Fam (30)

BR Fam (31)


7 thoughts on “Clint, Becca and Little T

  1. Oh my ****! I can’t believe how much he looks like his daddy. Way to cute! 18 pounds!! Thats only 3 pounds lighter than my 2 year old, so funny.

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