Hospital Bag

I need your help.  I need suggestions and ideas about things to pack in my hospital bag.  I want to get it all finished up and organized but I want to know what real moms have taken in their bags, and not what dumb books keep telling me to take.  So if anyone has anything they wouldn’t go to the hospital without please tell me.  And please be brutally honest about things I for sure need! 


Red Suitcase by unconed.


11 thoughts on “Hospital Bag

  1. Yeah that was a hard thing for me too– what to take?
    *pajamas or ightgown of your own (if you don’t want to wear a gown) but make sure it is easily accessible for nursing and also is probably going to get bloody so make sure you they aren’t your favorite ones
    *nursing bra
    *clothes for the baby to take him home in (and you can also take your own clothes to put on him in the hospital if you like)
    *your own pillow — I DEFINITELY recommend this
    *nursing pads
    *shampoo/conditoner and all your toiletries. A shower feels so nice!
    *clothes to wear home
    *The hospital might provide these at first but they are called Tucks (they are a medicated, numbing wet pad that you will totally want to wear for a few weeks after birth to help swelling/stitches if you have any).
    *cell phone and charger obviously, you will be making a lot of calls I am sure.
    *car seat installed in the car (the hospital checks most of the time to see that you have one) –if you need help installing it or whatever let me know! I had my sis-in-law show me cuz she knows some good tricks.

    I think that is about what I took…if I remember anything else I will let you know!

  2. *Wear the hospital gowns the whole time, much easier to nurse in and you can change as many times as you want in a day.
    *your own pillow
    *just a take home outfit for baby-let him stay in the hospital clothes.
    *gum and stuff for Johnny to smell good (durring labor it’s annoying if they stink) 🙂
    *don’t over pack it’s just a pain in the ass to have to much stuff. Simple is way better, we even forgot the camera when lily was born (granted she was 2 weeks early but still) and it did t matter it was still amazing!
    *your planning on me being in the room while you labor right!? Muhaaa

  3. Don’t bring any of your own clothes, except the ones you want to go home in (which unfortunately should be maternity ones, as you do’t magically lose that weight). Let the hospital gowns get yucky. I did bring my own robe, which I wore to walk around and get labor really moving (but I was in the hospital for the entire labor). Also, bring the carseat into the carseat into the hospital with you. We left ours in the car until we were ready to go and then it was FROZEN and we had to delay leaving for a few hours so it could warm up to put Easton in.

  4. Bring money for Johnny because he will want to go to the vending machine and if your water breaks in the middle of the night like mine did Russ forgot his wallet. Just bring some change. something for John to do while you are waiting for things to progress because having him there staring at you the whole time gets really annoying. I will try and think of more. This is the longest I have gone not being pregnant since I got married. I feel GREAT!!!

  5. *Change of clothes and yes remember to buy something loose fitting so you won’t bum yourself out about the weight! I always bought something brand new to wear home!
    *Cash – money for John to buy
    *Magazines/Books/Entertainment for John (and maybe yourself) – depending on how your labor goes and what time of day it is, if you have an epidural, etc. he might get bored out of his mind.
    *Cute outfit for the little guy (newborn or even preemie size – had an 8lb 5oz baby and he still fit in preemie to take him home.
    *Numbing spray – the hospital might give you some of this, but you will want extra. It’s a spray and it really helps.
    *some people get really cold feet, so if you are one of those, bring some warm slippers sock for labor.
    **The less then better**

  6. I brought my laptop, since most hospitals have Wi-Fi now, and it was kind of nice, to check the internet, and blog, to make it seem normal. I also took my favorite, relaxing movie to distract me a little in the early labor stages. Cash for the vending machine, of course. I agree to let the hospital gowns get all yucky. There’s usually a lot of blood, unfortunately. Don’t forget slippers to walk around in, and I HAD to wear socks during labor, my feet were so cold. Also, if you are planning on giving your baby a pacifier (wish my baby would take one) bring one, if you are wanting a certain kind. Otherwise, they may give you the hospital one, and he may get hooked!!

  7. Yes for sure use hospital gowns they do get yucky!!! Less is better the hospital will send tons of stuff home with you. I got everything from nursing pads to maxi pads from the hospital so I never take that stuff they also give you diapers and wetones so you dont need to take your own. Ok they dont give it to you. You pay for it:) With the Maxi pads ask if they have the frozen ones…you will love them!! Witch Hazel or Tucks pads are great when you are at home (the hospital gave them to me also) With my last one I got two diaper bags full of stuff(bottles,nipples, pacifier, formula samples). My feet freeze also. Outfit for baby. We know you will have your camera:) let your baby wear there stuff until you leave. For sure bring in car seat.

  8. I agree with Randa – the simpler the better! The hospital provides most of the stuff you’ll need, and be sure to ask for extras when you go home – they sent me home with tucks, numbing spray (if you’re lucky enough to get snipped in the neither regions), maxi pads and creams etc… I’d stick to the hospital gowns, you’re probably not going to bleed like a sieve, but occasionally gushes when you get out of bed can really mess up your nice jammies! Warm fuzzy socks were nice to walk around on the cold hospital floor! I brought a cute outfit in for baby thinking he would fit in it, but it was way to big, so regardless of baby size, he’ll probably fit in “newborn, 0-3) months for at least a few weeks! OH THIS IS IMPORTANT – make sure to get some Lansinoh for your nips! The hospital will probably provide you with a couple little tubes, but you’ll want more! You may even want to start putting some on now, as the instructions say you can start applying it a month prior to nursing to keep your ladies good and moist so that they are less likely to crack! It’s such a whirlwind when you get there, the excitement, anxiety, nerves and elation when baby finally arrives will make you forget all about what you packed in your bag – so don’t sweat it too much!!! Good luck packing!

  9. You ladies are all so awesome! Thanks so much, I hadn’t even thought of half of this stuff. I will get started on it today and hopefully have it all done. I seriously feel so much now! Thanks again 🙂

  10. Hey Carolyn, everyone has got you pretty well covered! One tip with the pillow, I would put anything but a white pillow case on it. I took mine with a white pillow case and every time they changed my bedding they tried to take my pillow case. Def on the nipple cream! Also a MUST have is chapstick! I also packed a few of my favorite snacks which was nice afterwards. I packed my own undies 🙂 but used the mesh ones they provided, they were just SO much easier and comfy. Chase said to tell John that the cafteria food is really not bad, especially the breakfast. He still stops by once in a while on his way to work 🙂 You know anything you forget I can just run up to you anyway! Can’t wait to hear about the birthing class 🙂

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