Bake Family

These are our friends from Law School.  I took their pictures last year and it was great to do them again. 

Bfam5 by you.

Bfam2 by you.

BFam10 by you.

BFam12 by you.

BFam18 by you.

BFam53 by you.

BFam49 by you.

BFam31 by you.

BFam45 by you.



BFam20 by you.

2 thoughts on “Bake Family

  1. Thanks Shannon! I will totally share with you. It is half my recipe and half a recipe I found on a photo blog. I use Totally Rad Actions and 1 from the Kubota action group. It is kinda long, but here it is.


    Fuji Snapit 100%
    Claire-ify 36% (I adjust this a lot depending on the pic)
    Oh-Snap 26%
    Burn-Out 76% (again I adjust depending on pic)
    Select-O-Sharp on the eyes usually around 50%


    Other that I combine with mine:

    Troy 43%
    Yin-Yang (where needed)
    Select-O-Pop 100% on clothes and hair (I usually lower to 75%)
    Warm it up Kris 63%
    Can-O-Whoopass 19% over entire picture
    Lux (soft) 27%
    Dirty Lovin 100% (erased off subject)
    Dirty & Used up 100% (erased off subject)

    Sorry it is so long. I am really loving it on these last few batches of photos I am doing.

    Yay I do have my bag packed and I feel so much better about that!

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