A Few of My Favorite Songs

I have been slowly putting together my birthing playlists.  I have one with just pretty instrumental songs already done, but I want to have another with pretty mellow songs that aren’t exclusively instrumental.  I have been listening to last.fm, which is the coolest thing ever if you haven’t ever tried it.  It is a radio station, you put in a genre or group you like and it plays that group and others that are similar.  I have been listening to “acoustic” which has been playing some awesome songs.  Here are a few of my favorites from this week that I am thinking of having on my alternate playlist.

As always if anyone has some great suggestions for my playlist I would love to hear them!

One thought on “A Few of My Favorite Songs

  1. Yet again my 2 cents:
    I tried the whole calming enya music with Ali. Sucked and didn’t help at all.
    Noah was Bob Seger (Against the Wind over, over and over) helped tons. In fact Jerrod was bored because he didn’t have anything to listen to. At one point during my water labor he asked if he could take a turn. hahaha I love his ass so much!
    McKay was Matchbox 20. Again helped alot.
    Lily was James Blunt, but only on the way to the hospital because we were bored. I finally had an ipod with her and had no pain so didn’t even need to use the stupid thing.

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