My Final Weekly Gut Check–THIS IS IT!!

Here is my final gut check, I can’t believe this is it.  They are going to induce me Tuesday!

I am very torn on how I feel.  I am so excited to meet my sweet baby, but at the same time I am sad to be done with my pregnancy.  I have adored being pregnant with him, even with all the sickness and aches and pains, it has truly been one of the most wonderful times in my life.  I will always look back on being pregnant with nothing but good memories. 

I am ready for the next chapter, the part where I actually get to be a Mother.  I can’t wait to kiss his fat little face and just love him!  I will post pictures and stats this week sometime.  Wish me luck!  Here are the pictures starting out at week 11 and ending at week 39.

11 Weeks.

16 Weeks.

17 Weeks

18 weeks
18 Weeks

19 Weeks.

20 Weeks.

21 Weeks.

22 Weeks.

23 Weeks.

24 Weeks.

25 Weeks.

26 Weeks.

27 Weeks.

28 Weeks.

29 Weeks.

30 Weeks.

31 Weeks.

32 Weeks.

33 Weeks.

34 Weeks.

35 Weeks.

36 Weeks.

37 Weeks.

38 Weeks. 

39 Weeks.


3 thoughts on “My Final Weekly Gut Check–THIS IS IT!!

  1. Seriously, did you gain any weight at all, besides what the baby weighs? I am looking at your face, and your arm, and it’s exactly the same as at 11 weeks. Pregnancy has been good to you. Good luck tomorrow. You will do great. I will be waiting for the pictures, and story.

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