Monday Night Confessions

The I have a newborn, too tired and drugged up to think straight fog has begun to lift and I am getting back into my old routine so I am hoping to post more than I have been.  Let’s start off with a few MNC.

  • I was so proud of myself during this pregnancy because I didn’t get one single stretch mark.  Not one.  And if you look back at my final gut check picture you will see why I was proud of this.  I was HUGE.  My doctor even was marveling that I didn’t have any and told me I must be like Elasta Girl.  So I go to the hospital to deliver my baby, only to end up with a c-section scar instead.  That will teach me to be vain huh?
  • I never believed people who said that once you have a baby you don’t care about modesty anymore.  Totally thought they were lying.  I am a very private person who would rather die than have people see my bits and goods.  Going into the hospital I am not going to lie, I was more than a little mortified about the thoughts of what was going to happen with everyone seeing me in all my glory.  But no lie, after about the first hour of hard labor I could have cared less who saw what.  Seriously, I was talking to my sister Randa about this while she was here and we both agreed that we would have let the stinkin janitor check us by that point just to see if we qualified for our epidural yet.  It isn’t a lie, it really is true. 
  • There are things that I did with my stomach muscles before this c-section that I had never given any thought to before.  Let’s take sneezing for example, not really a big deal, not something you even think about.  Not until your guts are sliced open and sewn back together that is.  One night after I had been home a few days I sneezed, hard, and then I literally started to cry because it hurt so bad.  It was intense.  I miss my intact stomach muscles and can’t wait for the day when simple things don’t make me want to cry.
  • As everyone knows you are supposed to sleep on your side when you are pregnant.  This was ok for about the first week and then all I dreamed about was sleeping on my back again.  I couldn’t wait to have the baby so I could just snooze my life away on my back.  Again this was all great until I had my c-section and haven’t been able to sleep on my sides since.  You know what they say, the grass is always greener.  Oh I can’t wait to sleep on my sides pain free again. 
  • Another thing that I never fully understood was the beauty of your first shower after you have a baby.  Again I had heard people talk about it, but come on, it is only a shower, how great could it be?  Oh my gosh, it was better than great!  That first morning after I had the baby I asked my nurse when I could shower, she told me as soon as I could walk to the bathroom she would let me shower.  No joke, I would have crawled to the bathroom if I had to just for that shower.  It was the most divine feeling in the world! 

We are still totally and completely over the moon in love with our little RR.  I will be posting about his first 2 weeks of life tomorrow. 



7 thoughts on “Monday Night Confessions

  1. Yay for MNC! I am totally with you on the ‘wouldn’t have cared who checked me at that point’ aspect. Pregnancy and childbirth are definitely not a time when modesty is upheld. You must have great genes from your mother to not have gotten stretch marks. A scar may look better than a million pinkish white lines all over your belly, sides, thighs, and wherever else they show up!

  2. Oh Carolyn, you made my whole day with your MNCs. You’re hilarious. Sorry about your c-section problems. I totally understand about the shower thing! I took one within the first few hours after having Parker. I just needed to feel semi-normal again and for some weird reason a shower did that. Can’t wait to hear more about little Robinson.

  3. I love reading about your pregnancy adventures as I’m preparing for my own. The whole thing is just so crazy amazing and I still have days when I don’t believe it’s really happening! 🙂

  4. Yay! im so glad that your back blogging again! ok so when im in a fijian hut birthing my children, and you and randa are there to help me…please dont let all the village people come look at my goodies.

  5. Jenny it is totally amazing! I can’t wait for you to experience it all as well, you will love it!

    T, I will totally make sure no village people sneak a peak.

  6. carolyn,
    i have been stalking you for a couple of months. i somehow came across your blog while googling yw helps. very random. then i realized i totally know you. (more like nick, ralph and randa.) i love your photography and your baby is absolutely gorgeous. congratulations. cherish every last second with him.

    btw. is the modesty thing because of growing up in sv or is it because we are lds? i was so nervous to have my first baby not because of the pain, but because i didn’t want the nurses to seem my goodies. after that first kid, nothing is left to the imagination!!!

    enough creepy stalking for one night…

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