We were super lucky to have my family come down for Thanksgiving so we didn’t have to travel 3 weeks after having him.  It was so much fun to see everyone.  We had my Mom and Dad, my sister Halie and her kids Peanut and T, and her boyfriend Jared all come down.  And for dinner that day we were glad to have my cousin Travis who is a 1st year Law student, join us.

My friend Peanut holding RR for the first time.  She was so excited to get to hold him.  Her and Nana fought over him the whole time.



This was the first time my Dad got to meet him as well.


RR and Papa are nap buddies.


My Dad has the biggest hands and I love them. 


T loved holding him too.  He said he hopes RR gets curly hair like him and Nana.  He isn’t the only one that hopes that.  I would die if he got my Mom’s curly hair.


Here is everyone who came to dinner.  Starting on the left side we have my cousin Travis, my Mom holding RR, Dad, Peanut, Halie, Jared, T, and Johnny.


Our first family picture at Thanksgiving. 


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