A Picture and an Update

Here is a picture of my love taken today.  He melts me I tell you,  just plain melts me. 


Ok so breastfeeding is a bust for me (no pun intended).  I stuck it out until he was a little over 9 weeks before I called it quits.  Turns out I am not a big milk cow, not only that, but my sweet son isn’t the best nurser in the whole world.  He is a lazy little eater, he never gets crazy and goes to town sucking like other kids I have seen.  He enjoys it more if the milk just runs into his mouth without any work or effort exerted on his part.  Bad combo. 

And I tried.  Holy mighty how I tried.  I really enjoyed breastfeeding him.  We never had any issues with latching, my boobs never got as sore as I heard they can.  It was a lovely time. 

So how do I know I wasn’t producing?  Oh well Public Health sent a nurse out at the request of R’s ped with a test weight scale because he was losing weight at his 2 week appointment.  After using the test weight scale for a weekend it appeared that after nursing on both sides he was lucky to get an ounce, and every once in a grand while he would get 1.5-2.  That is off of BOTH sides, and he was on 15-20 minutes each side.

So that meant that after I nursed him on both sides I had to give him a bottle, every single time.  It was a bummer, it was time-consuming.  I tried everything except for the prescription to bring my milk in.  I took the herbs that made my sweat smell like an IHOP.  No joke, Fenugreek makes you smell like maple syrup, seriously, google it. 

We have been a couple weeks with no breastfeeding, and while I cried the last time I nursed him, it has been really nice for me to have a little extra time in my day.  What used to be an hour to an hour and a half feeding process every 3 hours it now just 30 minutes.  It’s great. 


5 thoughts on “A Picture and an Update

  1. Nursing has not been an easy task for us either! She is a very dainty eater – I finally figured that I need to give her 4 helping for each sitting to get her belly full. I have wondered if I have enough milk for her. Her 2 week appointment is next Monday, I will be interested to see if she is gaining weight. I did manage to finally get her to sleep in her own bed all night though 🙂 Robinson is so dang cute!! I can’t believe how big he is getting!

  2. Don’t feel bad, one single bit. If you’ve kept up with my blog at all, you know that it hasn’t been in the stars for me, either. And, I tried really really hard, all 3 times!! Your baby is beautiful, and as long as he is growing, and thriving, what does it matter where he gets the milk from? I nursed mine for comfort until about 3 weeks ago, when my milk completely dried out. Now, he just snuggles right into me, and holds onto my shirt for all he’s worth. It feels about the same, with no other effects!! I’m sure you’re a wonderful Mamma, and he’s a lucky little guy to have you.

  3. Jeralyn you will have to let me know how it goes. It is hard with a c/s because it takes longer for your milk to come in. Good luck!

    Thanks for the support Emily. It is hard when it doesn’t work like you hope. Good job trying with all 3 babies.

    Autumn you are like the first to ever say that, everyone thinks he looks so much like John. Yay for me 🙂

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