RR’s Newborn Photos

 I have had these done and ready to go forever ago, I just haven’t found the time to blog them.  Here is my baby at only a week and a half old.  Oh I can almost smell his newborn breath again.  Sigh. 



I tried in vain for hours to get him to curl in a ball for me.  This was the closest that I got. 



He was born with monster feet.  Look how long those things are!


A few things I love about this picture:  1st, look at all that beautiful hair he had, it has all fallen out now and I miss it.  2nd I love how at a week and a half he is trying to hold his head up.  And 3rd, I love his soft little newborn hair on his shoulders and how the light is landing just right. 



Me and my boy.





So tiny on Daddy’s chest. 






I plan on getting this blown up big to hang in my house.


I hate clichés but honestly, they really do grow up so fast. 


4 thoughts on “RR’s Newborn Photos

  1. They are so cute and I am so jealous! I am going to try and take some cute pictures of Reagan this weekend, before she isn’t a newborn anymore. Cute little guy you have!

  2. Hi Carolyn… heard about you from a friend and just wat to thank you for your support. I also wanted to officially introduce myself… I’m Mary Jordan… first, love the pictures. second, I couldn’t help notice you have a 101 list (me too!). thrid, that you are interested in photography and having a business… because I do too… what a small world.

  3. Thanks Jeralyn! I can’t wait to see more pictures of sweet Reagan!

    Mary that is awesome you have a 101 list too! It is great to “meet” you!

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