RR and I

John took these pictures for me.  He did such an awesome job with my maternity pictures that I decided to hire him again for these.  He loves it when I hire him for jobs. 







7 thoughts on “RR and I

  1. Thanks Brooke, I love the second picture too!

    Thanks KaLee. It is a skirt and top from Banana Republic. It was what I wore to my sister’s wedding last year.

  2. Holy cow! I have missed so much! I am just NOW reading your birth story and seeing pics of Robinson and I LOVE your hair! I am glad that your labor turned out ok. I still got you beat on size of baby though! Dylan was 10 lbs 11 oz. =) He was like giving birth to 2 heads! My doc used to tease that he was supposed to be a twin but he ate the other one! lol. Congrats MOMMA!

  3. Thanks Jer!

    Amanda how are you??? How is the new place? You need to get back to blogging, I miss you! Hope all is well 🙂

  4. The pictures are beautiful. There’s nothing quite like a sweet little baby laying on your chest all snuggled up and snoozing, is there?

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