Monday Night Confessions

Monday Monday Monday here we go.

  • Being pregnant, and now being a Mom has made me suck at blogging.  Like I needed to confess this, as if it wasn’t painfully obvious.  I know, I know, spend time with my son, which I do, but I really need to get better at blogging again.  I have big plans for things I really want to blog.  I feel an urgency to blog my memories and stories from my childhood and college years.  I want my son to know me, know about me from my own words, my own stories told by me.  So I am going to try to recommit myself to being a better blogger so I can get this done.
  • I have a new raging addiction.  I have raging addictions to lots of things, like gum and iTunes, but this is a new one, it is the worst one I have ever developed.  Hello, my name is Carolyn, and I am addicted to the smell of my son.  Yup that’s right.  I love the smell of his neck at the end of the day.  It smells like Burt’s Bee’s baby oil mixed with baby sweat and baby pukes.  It is divine and intoxicating and I can’t get enough of it.  I come home from work and I just smell my RR’s neck until I am dizzy.  It is amazing you can love something that smells like puke and sweat.
  • Today I went to Wal-Mart and bought something I have had my eye on for months but it cost $23 and I couldn’t bring myself to spend $23 on something stupid.  What is $23 worth of stupid that I finally broke down and bought you wonder?? That would be Martha Stewart’s ultimate glitter pack.  It has a little jar of glitter in every color of the rainbow.  You see I have had a rather stressful last week (to say the freakin least) so I went and bought glitter.  I plan on glittering everything I can think of until I literally glitter my cares away.  This must be what people who buy Bedazzlers feel like. 
  • My sister Terri and I started our own daily version of Good News Minute.  GNM has turned into my all time favorite thing to look forward to every day.  GNM comes in the form of a text, or a phone call, but no matter what form it comes in, it always provides belly laughs.  If you every want to do something hilarious with your sister, start GNM.  They are hardly every serious, and are always funny as crap.
  • Going to work was much better today for me than it was last week.  I haven’t cried at all, and I am back into my routine.  I am feeling very optimistic that I can really do this, I can be a working mother for a few months until John graduates and gets a job.  It is amazing how much you can miss a tiny little person who can’t even talk.  I can’t wait for the day I get to be a stay at home mom, it will be a second dream come true. 



3 thoughts on “Monday Night Confessions

  1. i do love our GNM. ok GNM today… i talked to a total stranger for 3 minitues. (yes 3 minitues, i looked at my call history) and it made my day!!! im actually thinking about making it a habbit. i dont know if ill call my old friend back, or someone new. either way.

  2. I love your blog and I LOVE your Monday confessions! It’s so true about the baby smell thing and you know what, you deserve the glitter!
    Love the GNM idea, I’m calling my sister right now.
    You are hilarious and awesome.

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