Visiting Teaching Handout for February

Here is the little handout and treat we took around for VT this month.  I downloaded this awesome vintage Valentines card and added the words in Photoshop.  Then I copied the outside of the heart and put Elder Wirthlin’s 5 Key Steps to Financial Freedom that were mentioned in the message.  I dipped Oreos in white chocolate and put red and white sprinkles on them.  I got the little red heart buckets for like a dollar at WalMart. 


So what I did was to cut out both hearts and then used that little brad to hold them together.  (Plus notice my freakin sweet Martha glitter I used) 


If you want the handout click on the picture.  It will take you to my flickr page where you can click on the picture again.  Then you can click on the icon that says All Sizes.  From there you can choose a size to download, always pick the original size and click download. 


5 thoughts on “Visiting Teaching Handout for February

  1. I’m SO glad that you are my partner and can/will make these awesome handouts. Thanks! P.S. Wish you could experience llama day with me, I’ll tell them you send your love and maybe I’ll give them an Oreo treat.

  2. Jes I am so glad we are partners too!

    Thanks Emily and Lyndi. I am not a very good VT, I need to be much better. I just like making handouts and treats 🙂

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