Easter Post #1 of Many

We decided to go to Star Valley for Easter weekend.  It is such a long drive that we went back and forth on going but ultimately decided to go.  RR did awesome in the car and we had a blast.  Manny and Peanut adored RR.  I asked them if they would be like his big brother and his big sister and they went around telling everyone that he was their little brother.  He had so much fun with them.  They took turns holding him, feeding him, and burping him.  It was great because he is big enough that they could pack him short distances too and he didn’t mind at all.  I have a few more posts about it so that is what I will be blogging about this week.

The kids thought it was such a kick that Uncle Johnny swaddled RR for bed each night that they begged him to do the same to them.  Here are my 3 blond hair blue-eyed babes all swaddled on the floor together.  Manny and Peanut decided to do their crazy faces for the picture. 


On Saturday we went to the big Easter egg hunt with the kids.  It was a mad scramble as always.  They were super excited to meet the Easter Bunny.  Oh any my nephew Brycie isn’t upset about the Easter Bunny holding him, he is ticked at me for buttoning his hood on! 


Tommy = pure goodness!


3 of the 4 baby boys.


So I bought an Easter Bunny cake at the store and it had this little face on it, well Peanut decided she could easy turn that into a fun mask.  She thought she was pretty neat.  RR wanted nothing more than to rip it off her face. 



2 thoughts on “Easter Post #1 of Many

  1. LOL, Robinson is sooooo cute. Is it just me though or is he starting to look like Nick? Does anyone else tell you that?

  2. Tara I totally think so too at times. I even tell John how much he looks like my brothers, but then 2 seconds later he looks just like John again. It is weird. Plus do you know what you are having yet? How are you feeling?

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