Well Stated

If you haven’t ever read Natalie Norton’s blog you really should.  She is an amazing woman and I am inspired by her constantly.  A few weeks ago she posted the following on her blog, and I swear the timing of her post couldn’t have been more perfect for my life. 

“I’m convinced that someone will always hate you,
and that it shouldn’t really matter.

I’m convinced that for every 100-200 people who love you,
there is at least 1 who just won’t.

Maybe they just don’t understand you.

Maybe they just don’t believe in, or are threatened by,
the things you represent.

Maybe they are simply misguided.

Maybe they are just mean.

or selfish.

or just loudmouthed and insensitive.

Whatever it is . . . it really doesn’t matter.

Someone always will.

misunderstand you.
neglect to appreciate your efforts.
have an opinion about the way you choose to live.
feel threatened by the things you represent.

or just plain HATE you
for one inexplicable reason or another.

But again, it doesn’t really matter.

it really doesn’t.

the thing I’m baffled by is this. . .

WHY do we (myself included) focus all our time and energy on the
ONE person that is giving us grief?

Why not the HUNDRED who love, support, celebrate and sustain us?

I’m convinced that someone will always hate you,
and that it shouldn’t really matter.


and in case you haven’t heard it a while,
I want you to know. . .

I love you.

I think you’re wonderful.

I appreciate your efforts.

I am cheering you on.

I am your number 1 fan.

I think you can, I think you can,

In fact, I know you will.



me” (c) Natalie Norton


One thought on “Well Stated

  1. I love that thought Carolyn. I am so sad after reading her story. She is so inspiring but I am so sad she lost her sweet baby. Poor family.

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