Favorite Christmas Things 2010

Here are a few things that I had fun making, buying, and receiving this year that I wanted to share.

I adore advent calendars, but most are too much money for us this year, so I made one instead.  I found this at Hobby Lobby during their 50% sale.  It was plain brown and I painted it this blue color.  It is fun that you can fit little treats in the boxes and RR had fun eating the mini nilla wafers that I put in there for him. 

This year I had high hopes of making a cute banner to hang, since everyone knows how obsessed I am with banners, but I got too busy and found this adorable one at Marshalls for cheap and bought it to save me the stress of making one.

My sister Randa bought this Little People nativity set for RR and he is in love with it, and so am I.  It is darling and so fun for him to have one Christmas thing that he doesn’t get yipped at for playing with. 

He is a funny boy though, the angel who sits on top and plays music drives him crazy.  He can’t stand to have her on top and the first thing he does when he sees her on there is to run over and knock her off. 

Here are our 2010 Christmas ornaments. 

My BFF Terri made me this cute Noel sign and it looks perfect on my tree.

So I am a terrible hoarder of crafty things.  I find something I love and keep it around waiting for a reason or way to use it.  That is what happened with these little gift bags.  I saw this idea in a Christmas book, and you fill little gift bags with treats and hang them from the chandelier and open them on Christmas morning.  So instead of Christmas morning I thought it would be fun for Christmas Eve after our dinner to have a few treats.

One thing I am big on is having monogrammed stockings for kids.  We had homemade stockings with our names on them growing up and it was one of my favorite things ever and I knew when I had a baby that I they would have one too.  I know when he is a tween/teen he won’t think it is cool to have a train on his stocking, but until then I hope he loves it.

I saw this idea on a blog last year but I was too frazzled being a new mom to get it done so I made it this year.  It is a paint can that you decorate and put their Christmas PJ’s in.  Another tradition in our family is to get new PJ’s for Christmas from Nana and Papa and you get to open them on Christmas Eve.  I loved the idea of decorating a paint can for it that you can keep and use each year.  You also take a picture of them in their new PJ’s and put in the can so each year you can look through how they have grown. 

You also buy a paint can opener and hang it on their can so when they get old enough they can actually open the can themselves.

We are all ready for our 1st Texas Christmas.  We have so much planned I don’t know how we will ever fit it all in.  Here is our 2010 breakdown:

Christmas Eve Day:  Make apple pie and fudge (Johnny’s tradition)
Christmas Eve Dinner:  Homemade Mexican feast with homemade tamales (made by Johnny)
Christmas Eve:  Read the Christmas Story and act it out with the help of the above mentioned Little People.  It won’t be the same as having my Grandma Delsa read it, but we will have to make due.
Christmas Eve: Open PJ’s

Christmas Day:  Sleep in because I have a 1-year-old who doesn’t know or care what is going on, yay for me this year.
Christmas Day:  After opening gifts we will have a big Christmas Breakfast with Cinnamon French Toast (my family tradition)
Christmas Day:  Eat, nap, watch movies, eat, nap, watch more movies, shower and get ready if I feel like it, if I don’t, I will nap and eat more.
If the weather is ok we might drive to the beach for fun too, if not we will make a big Christmas dinner and eat yummy ham until our eyes fall out. 

I love Christmas. 

 I hope your day is full of love, peace and happiness, I know mine will be.

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