My Kid Is a JPEG

The title pretty much sums it up.  My child is a JPEG.  With the exception of about 15 pictures that I have actually printed off of him, his whole existence is documented on a hard drive. 

I have a love hate relationship with digital cameras.  I mean what is there not to love? You can see and delete pictures instantly, you can edit them and make them look amazing, no more spending money on pesky film.  But…

I miss film because at least I always got it printed up.  It was so fun to turn in the roll of film at Costco, wander around for an hour eating all the free snacks, and when the hour was over, rush to see what treasures lie in my little envelope.  And then once I got home I would put them in albums to be looked at, treasured and loved by all who wanted to see them. 

But since I went digital 5+ years ago I have honest to goodness printed up less than 50 images.  50 of the hundreds, and let’s be honest, possibly thousands, that I have sitting on my computer.  I have shared a few here on my blog, and a few on facebook, but the vast majority of my pictures go unseen.  Wilting away on my computer. 

So I have formulated a plan.  My sister Randa bought me the most darling 1st year baby scrapbook kit.  It is all there, simple and easy, just begging me to print pictures off and fill it up.  And I am determined to.  It isn’t going to happen this week, but it is going to happen soon.  Before the summer is over I will be finished with this album.  And I plan on updating you on my progress.  Maybe I am the only totally slacker when it comes to this, and if I am you can totally judge and throw a few stones even, but I have a feeling that I may not be totally alone.  So if you are a slacker too, join in, set a goal like me to get your pictures organized, delete the ones you will never print, clean up your computer, and more important, get them uploaded online for a backup storage and printed off and put into an album.  Even if it isn’t a scrapbook.  There is something beautiful and simple about just an album full of memories, even with no fancy papers or embellishments.

For those of you who are not slackers, I would love to hear how you organize and print your picutres.  Do you do it monthly, weekly? What do you do with the pictures once you get them all printed?  Please share, I am feeling some major guilt that my pictures are rotting away!