Baby Boy #2

Baby boy #2 is on his way!  We are so so excited, and feel beyond blessed to be having a 2nd child.  It was such a miracle to get pregnant with RR that I never dreamed I would get to do this again.  When we found out we were having this baby it was so much different than the 1st time.  It was so calm and peaceful.  I know that sounds like a weird way to describe it, but it was.  It was so surreal and all felt so easy.  There was no big struggle to get pregnant this time, it happened the 1st month we tried, such a contrast to the 6 long, heartbreaking, tear filled years to get our RR. 

My pregnancy so far has been amazing!  The first 3 weeks were a little crazy until my hormones settled down, but I haven’t thrown up once with this little guy.  Just some nausea and crazy fatigue.  I feel like I have gotten so huge so fast this time around too.  At my ultrasound I was measuring a week and a day ahead, so another big boy for us!  It will be so fun to see what this little man looks like, and how big he is compared to RR.  

As far as cravings and aversions this time, eggs for the first 14 weeks were totally off limits.  The thought and smell made me cry.  But that was the only thing.  What got me through the first 14 weeks was a lot of COLD fruit, COLD water, and COLD cereal.  I honestly couldn’t get my food cold enough.  Anything cold sounded beyond amazing.  I still love my cold fruit and can’t get enough ice water, but the cold cereal phase has passed.  Now it is a lot of pineapple that I love.  

I have been so horrible at taking pictures every week like I did with RR.  But in my defense I started those pictures for my husband who was living in Alaska doing his internship at the time, and it was his way of staying connected to the pregnancy.  This time he is here, so I have slacked.  I am going to try to get better and more consistent.

 We don’t have a name picked out yet.  We have a few we like, but are still trying to decide.  We will have it picked out in the next couple of weeks though.  I am starting to search for nursery ideas too.  I want something different than what I did the last time.  I am loving gray and think his walls might be that color.   

Here are a few pictures so far.  

EDD February 28th, 2012.  


 14 weeks:

 16 weeks:

 17 weeks:

 19 weeks: