An Update

I am now 26 weeks.  I can’t believe how the time seems to be flying by with this pregnancy.  It is so different that when I was pregnant with RR.  It is both good and bad.  I can’t wait to meet my new little man, but I also feel like I have so much left to do and my time is running out. 

I still haven’t transitioned RR into a big boy bed yet, I am hoping to do that after the holidays, and in the mean time I am trying to enjoy each second of him being confined to a crib, especially when he thinks he wants to be awake at 6:00 A.M.

I have been feeling really good still.  My back is starting to ache, but look at the size of my belly and you will understand why.  Other than that, everything is still really peaceful with this pregnancy.  My newest craving is oranges, cold from the fridge oranges, yum! 

I am in the process of trying to switch OBs.  This has been a little stressful.  I was going to attempt to stay with my other Dr in Sugar Land, but once we moved, the 35 minute drive with a 2 year old seems a little much.  So I am praying I hear back from the new OB I am hoping to switch my care to, otherwise its back to the long drive. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful, just my little family and my Mom.  It was quiet and peaceful, and full of yummy food.  We have played cards every single night that Mom has been here and I will be sad when she goes home, but not as sad as RR who is sure they are BFFs.  He loves to drag her down to her bedroom so they can play on her bed, and when I come in he pushes me out and says, “go Mama”.  Good thing she will be back when the new baby is born. 

We are finally feeling settled in the new house.  We have only the master bedroom left to decorate and then we are set.  I promise to post pictures soon.  Mom has done a wonderful job as usual.

Happy Holidays!  More posts to come this month. 


It Finally Happened….

I knew it was only a matter of time, and last night it finally happened.  Let me tell you the back story. 

My Mom is down here in Texas helping decorate my house and for Thanksgiving, and we were out and about last night buying things for the house.  It had been a long day, and my pregnant belly was feeling very heavy and tired from the busy day we had.  I was telling Mom how I didn’t know how I was going to make it almost 15 more weeks, and was wondering how this baby could possibly grow any larger.  We laughed about it and drove to the next store. 

We found our items and were checking out when the little checkout lady ask me when I was due.  I told her not for 15 more weeks, and that’s when it happened, she freaked out.  Like really freaked out.  She was super nice about it, and mostly she was genuinely concerned how in the world I was going to last another 15 more weeks!  Little does she know that with my planned C-section, that is even a week early! 

Any bets on when I get asked if I am having twins?  I give it less than 4 weeks.  Ha!  So wish me and my big baby boy #2 good luck 🙂