Christmas Day 4

Today is our last day with Mom and we are super sad to see her go.  None more than RR, he really has enjoyed every single second with her.  It helps that she spoils him terribly, but they have always been BFF’s, ever since they first met when he was just one day old. 

Today was our last day to play cards.  We have played countless games of Barnyard Rummy while mom has been here.  They only night we didn’t play was last night when Johnny and I went to his party.  Playing games during the holidays is one of my favorite things.  It’s not so fun just playing with Johnny and I, so this will be our last game for a while.

Last card game with mom

Today we made Cake Pops because they are Mom’s favorites.  The treat eating and making has been a little out of control this trip, but it’s the holidays, and you must make treats, and lots of them, during the holidays.  Right?


Nana was nice and shared her Cake Pop with RR. 

And last night Elfy brought RR a candy cane, or just a “cane” has RR likes to call it.  It kinda made RR warm up to old Efly.  Perhaps they will be friends after all.