Christmas Day 8

That sneaky Elfy climbed into this Christmas jar.  My Mom made this jar years ago, and I ended up with it and have loved it ever since.  Isn’t it funny when you find yourself attached to objects from your childhood but you aren’t really sure why?


RR was really excited again today to find Elfy, and super excited he was in this jar since it is normally off-limits to him.  But since Elfy was in it he got to carry it around and play with it most of the morning.

Tonight we walked around our block looking at Christmas lights.  RR rode his bike as fast as his little legs could peddle, with Daddy pushing from behind of course.  Our new neighborhood is so much fun, so many houses are decked out in lights and displays. 

His legs got tired so Daddy gave him a ride the rest of the way home.


Tonight after the lights we had popcorn and homemade hot cocoa, yum!


The recipe for the hot cocoa is from my sister-in-law Cheryl and it is my favorite.

*Hot Cocoa*

1/2 Gallon Milk
1/2 Cinnamon Stick
3 Whole Cloves
3/4 Chocolate Bar

*Boil milk, cinnamon, and cloves stirring constantly.  Add chocolate bar, stir until mixed.  Serve.