Christmas Day 9

Elfy got into the Christmas candy last night. 


Today we took advantage of the nice Texas weather and went to the park.  It was still chilly for here, in the 50’s, so we got to bundle up in hats and jackets.  It is supposed to be rainy for the next week so we had to get out while we could.


I found out about this house not too far from us that gets all decked out for Christmas so we went to check it out, and it did not disappoint.  We got out and walked around for a few minutes and RR loved it.  

This picture doesn’t even show all the lights, they go all down the side street as well.  Tomorrow the homeowners are bringing in a free Santa to anyone who wants to come. 


We started our Advent on the 1st and now it is our favorite nightly activity.  I put little mini Snickers in each box and so all day I hear, “present, chocolate, present, chocolate”, and all day RR hears me say, “not till Daddy comes home from work, remember?”.  It is so much fun, everything with him this year is so much fun.  He is really into all things Christmas, lights, and Santa.