Christmas Day 14

Today was all about suckers, homemade-from-scratch suckers, or lollipops if you prefer.  Homemade suckers at Christmas are one of those memories that make me really happy.  My Aunt Doris would make them every.single.year. and bring them to my Grandma’s house.  So after our big Christmas Eve party that we always have at Grandma Delsa’s house, Gram would bring them out and everyone would get to pick one to eat on the way home.  Seriously the only time of year I ever had these was on Christmas Eve.


This is something that I would love to keep going no matter where I live, so today I decided to attempt making them for the 1st time ever.  My Mom called Aunt Doris and got the recipe for me and I did it, I actually made my very own suckers. 


They taste like Rootbeer and they are so yummy.  I have already had 2 today.   


Don’t believe me that they are the best ever?  Well just watch RR in this video, he will tell you how yummy they are.

Last night that crazy Elfy crammed himself into the Advent box.


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