Christmas Day 15

It was toddler time today at the library, which we love.  RR has been really bashful since the move and hasn’t been enjoying it so much the last few weeks, but today he was finally back to his old self and really got into the singing and dancing. 

After that we stopped by a little bakery here and got a treat.  It was great to spend some extra fun time with RR outside of home, just the 2 of us.  I cherish our little outings.

Me and my boy

His cookie was huge, but he was able to eat 1/2 of it. 



I love seasonal holiday treats, and this cupcake was better than I had hoped.

GB cupcake

Today was a great day for us, Johnny got some awesome news at work, so we decided to celebrate with takeout from Pei Wei’s.  It was a nice quiet evening home, just how we like them!

I have been wanting to make peanut brittle for Christmas, but got too busy, so Johnny surprised me and brought some home from the store. 


Last night Elfy climbed into the Christmas tree and got down RR’s new Mickey Mouse ornament. 


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