Christmas Day 16

Today was a super crazy day full of last-minute shopping.  RR was awesome and did great for me at the stores we had to go to. 

Here is what Elfy was up to last night.


One thing that I love about Christmas is a Nativity set.  I have 4 of them now, and want to keep adding to my collection. 

My mom gave me this one a few years ago, and one of these days my goal is to find an amazing artist to paint them for me.


Here is RR’s Little People Nativity.  He adores this and plays with it all day long!


I love this set as well.  My Joseph is missing his staff and I don’t know where to find a new one, but it is still pretty I think.


And here is my newest set.  This is my Christmas gift from my sister Randa and I LOVE it.  It looks so much like our Grandma Delsa’s vintage set so it brings back fond memories for me. 


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