Christmas Day 17

Today was such a fun day for RR because he got to play in the snow!  I had read on Facebook that a park in Old Town was having a big festival with Santa, lots of vendors, and best of all, they were trucking in snow. 

At first he wasn’t so sure of it and Daddy had to show him how much fun it was.


But once he got down and started playing in it he was hooked!  His favorite part was throwing snowballs at Mama over the fence. 


On our way home we stopped and got a peppermint shake.  I had been hearing rave reviews from different friends so we had to try it for ourselves.  RR and I thought it was yummy, Johnny doesn’t care for peppermint so none for him.

Peppermint shake

Elfy decided to take RR’s airplane out for a spin last night.


We do Advent before bed each night, and before I let RR open his box with his treat inside I always ask him whose birthday we are celebrating, and he is really good at remembering it’s a baby, just not sure on which baby we are talking about.  So here is how our discussion went tonight:

Me: RR whose birthday are we celebrating?
RR:  Baby
Me: What’s the baby’s name?
RR:  Baby Who

Ha!  I forget how literal little kids are, and that each night when I say, “Whose birthday” he understood that to mean the baby’s name was “Who”.  I love that boy! 

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