Christmas Day 20

Tonight was a fun night because we made treats to take around to our new neighbors.  I have 2 really wonderful single ladies that live on each side of us, and they just adore my little RR.  Both of them have given him little gifts already and we see them out walking their dogs a lot and they always stop to chat with us.  RR had so much fun carrying their presents over and handing them to them.  He was also super brave and told them Merry Christmas. 

The pretty treat boxes… I picked up at Michaels, they are Martha Stewart. 


Last night Elfy was caught shooting some hoops on RR’s basketball stand.  Elfy is RR’s favorite thing to get to do in the mornings, he always drags me by the hand saying “Elfy, Elfy” and he is really good at scanning the room and trying to find him.  When he does find him he laughs all crazy and jumps up and down.