Christmas Day 21

Today was Ugly Sweater day for Johnny.  His firm is large, over 80 attorneys, but they are broken up into smaller teams depending upon the region they work in, so his team was the only one in the firm to host an ugly sweater party.  We found this yellow sweater vest at a thrift shop, and then I glued the red reindeer on the front.  He had to get a the turtleneck from the women’s department, and when he tried it on RR said, “nice Dadda, nice” ha!  The best part is his combed over hair!!  They had a competition for the ugliest sweater and Johnny won! 

Ugly sweater

Here are some pictures that I took of RR the other day by the tree.  While he is little and will still let me, I am going to attempt these each year.  He always looks so cute in his jammies!

Last night Elfy climbed up on the chain of the ceiling fan.



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