Christmas Day 22

I had my Dr. appointment today and I am measuring 2 weeks ahead, so my doctor is pretty sure baby boy is going to be over 10 pounds!  It’s always so fun to get to hear his little heart just beating away. 

Today was one of my favorite Christmas days, it was our annual Fancy Cheese Party!!  I LIVE for Fancy Cheese Party.  What makes this so fun is that each year we change it up by trying out new cheeses and recipes.  It never gets old, and we eat so much that we can hardly move, but it is so worth it. 

Fancy cheese party


We made our own baked Brie this year.  We have done Brie in the past and I have never once liked it, but Johnny really likes it, so I try year after year and finally this year, I fell in love with baked Brie.  If you aren’t on Pinterest yet you really should be, it is amazing and I have gotten some awesome recipes on there, this included. 


Elfy driving RR’s horse truck and trailer around the house.



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