Christmas Day 24

Christmas Eve was a fun day full of traditions.  I love traditions, old and new.

We made an apple pie.


Johnny cooked us his yummy Mexican for dinner.  It is always my favorite.

Christmas Eve

We had treats hanging from the lights again this year.  RR thought it was fun.

We read the Christmas story from the Bible, and acted it out with the nativity people.  And finally we got to open our new Christmas jammies from Nana and Papa.  RR was SO excited to open a present, but after he found out it was only going to be jammies he was mad.  He was pretty sure that new jammies didn’t qualify as a an actual present.  He lucked out and his Aunt Randa called and Facetimed with us and let him open one of the gifts she sent him, so he perked up a little.


Then it was off to bed to wait for Santa to come.   

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