We had a fun Valentine’s season.  I say season because it wasn’t just one day.  I put up decorations at the end of January when I still had a little energy left, and we partied for weeks, because to be honest, I love a good party. 

I made the banner and glitter letters, and found these darling free printables on Pinterest. 

RR loves the letter X, so he really enjoyed this banner I made.

I went a little crazy in the formal dining room, but I love it.

One of the best things I did this year was to buy this little envelope for my RR.


Every morning for 2 weeks the Valentine’s Fairy came to our house and left him a little present in his pouch.  He was in heaven, and so was I watching his darling reaction each morning.  It was a fun thing for both of us to look forward to.  It will be a tradition from here on out in our house.

I was spoiled like crazy by my boys this year.  RR bought me yummy chocolates, and Johnny bought me a beautiful necklace with the first initial of each of our boys on charms.  He also bought me an awesome new diaper bag/purse, and these pretty flowers.


We wrote love letters to each other, one of my favorite things to look forward to.  Again I have to thank Pinterest for my card idea.  It was a hit, Johnny thought it was very funny!


My Dad mailed us chocolate cover strawberries for Valentine’s and they were so good!


And for our special treat we dipped all sorts yummy treats in chocolate.  

It was a fun Valentine’s!


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