Christmas Day 21

Today was Ugly Sweater day for Johnny.  His firm is large, over 80 attorneys, but they are broken up into smaller teams depending upon the region they work in, so his team was the only one in the firm to host an ugly sweater party.  We found this yellow sweater vest at a thrift shop, and then I glued the red reindeer on the front.  He had to get a the turtleneck from the women’s department, and when he tried it on RR said, “nice Dadda, nice” ha!  The best part is his combed over hair!!  They had a competition for the ugliest sweater and Johnny won! 

Ugly sweater

Here are some pictures that I took of RR the other day by the tree.  While he is little and will still let me, I am going to attempt these each year.  He always looks so cute in his jammies!

Last night Elfy climbed up on the chain of the ceiling fan.



Christmas Day 20

Tonight was a fun night because we made treats to take around to our new neighbors.  I have 2 really wonderful single ladies that live on each side of us, and they just adore my little RR.  Both of them have given him little gifts already and we see them out walking their dogs a lot and they always stop to chat with us.  RR had so much fun carrying their presents over and handing them to them.  He was also super brave and told them Merry Christmas. 

The pretty treat boxes… I picked up at Michaels, they are Martha Stewart. 


Last night Elfy was caught shooting some hoops on RR’s basketball stand.  Elfy is RR’s favorite thing to get to do in the mornings, he always drags me by the hand saying “Elfy, Elfy” and he is really good at scanning the room and trying to find him.  When he does find him he laughs all crazy and jumps up and down.   


Christmas Day 19

I finally got around to wrapping a few gifts today. 

Day 18 gifts

I have been sick the past few days and so Johnny came home a little early and took RR with him Christmas shopping so I could rest and have some quiet time.  He is such an amazing Dad and husband!

Daddy and RR

Last night that crazy Elfy ate one of RR’s cookies, but RR wasn’t upset, he was excited to help Elfy eat the rest of it this morning.


Christmas Day 18

I am blown away that Christmas is in 1 week!  Where did the time go?

Tonight was our night to make Gingerbread cookies and watch Frosty the Snowman and it was a blast!  RR has so much fun helping us cook, it is one of his favorite things, he is just like his Daddy that way.


He is such a good helper too!


Daddy & RR

Mama & RR

Last night Elfy hid out in RR’s Christmas PJ can.



Christmas Day 17

Today was such a fun day for RR because he got to play in the snow!  I had read on Facebook that a park in Old Town was having a big festival with Santa, lots of vendors, and best of all, they were trucking in snow. 

At first he wasn’t so sure of it and Daddy had to show him how much fun it was.


But once he got down and started playing in it he was hooked!  His favorite part was throwing snowballs at Mama over the fence. 


On our way home we stopped and got a peppermint shake.  I had been hearing rave reviews from different friends so we had to try it for ourselves.  RR and I thought it was yummy, Johnny doesn’t care for peppermint so none for him.

Peppermint shake

Elfy decided to take RR’s airplane out for a spin last night.


We do Advent before bed each night, and before I let RR open his box with his treat inside I always ask him whose birthday we are celebrating, and he is really good at remembering it’s a baby, just not sure on which baby we are talking about.  So here is how our discussion went tonight:

Me: RR whose birthday are we celebrating?
RR:  Baby
Me: What’s the baby’s name?
RR:  Baby Who

Ha!  I forget how literal little kids are, and that each night when I say, “Whose birthday” he understood that to mean the baby’s name was “Who”.  I love that boy! 

Christmas Day 16

Today was a super crazy day full of last-minute shopping.  RR was awesome and did great for me at the stores we had to go to. 

Here is what Elfy was up to last night.


One thing that I love about Christmas is a Nativity set.  I have 4 of them now, and want to keep adding to my collection. 

My mom gave me this one a few years ago, and one of these days my goal is to find an amazing artist to paint them for me.


Here is RR’s Little People Nativity.  He adores this and plays with it all day long!


I love this set as well.  My Joseph is missing his staff and I don’t know where to find a new one, but it is still pretty I think.


And here is my newest set.  This is my Christmas gift from my sister Randa and I LOVE it.  It looks so much like our Grandma Delsa’s vintage set so it brings back fond memories for me. 


Christmas Day 15

It was toddler time today at the library, which we love.  RR has been really bashful since the move and hasn’t been enjoying it so much the last few weeks, but today he was finally back to his old self and really got into the singing and dancing. 

After that we stopped by a little bakery here and got a treat.  It was great to spend some extra fun time with RR outside of home, just the 2 of us.  I cherish our little outings.

Me and my boy

His cookie was huge, but he was able to eat 1/2 of it. 



I love seasonal holiday treats, and this cupcake was better than I had hoped.

GB cupcake

Today was a great day for us, Johnny got some awesome news at work, so we decided to celebrate with takeout from Pei Wei’s.  It was a nice quiet evening home, just how we like them!

I have been wanting to make peanut brittle for Christmas, but got too busy, so Johnny surprised me and brought some home from the store. 


Last night Elfy climbed into the Christmas tree and got down RR’s new Mickey Mouse ornament. 


Christmas Day 14

Today was all about suckers, homemade-from-scratch suckers, or lollipops if you prefer.  Homemade suckers at Christmas are one of those memories that make me really happy.  My Aunt Doris would make them every.single.year. and bring them to my Grandma’s house.  So after our big Christmas Eve party that we always have at Grandma Delsa’s house, Gram would bring them out and everyone would get to pick one to eat on the way home.  Seriously the only time of year I ever had these was on Christmas Eve.


This is something that I would love to keep going no matter where I live, so today I decided to attempt making them for the 1st time ever.  My Mom called Aunt Doris and got the recipe for me and I did it, I actually made my very own suckers. 


They taste like Rootbeer and they are so yummy.  I have already had 2 today.   


Don’t believe me that they are the best ever?  Well just watch RR in this video, he will tell you how yummy they are.

Last night that crazy Elfy crammed himself into the Advent box.


Christmas Day 13

Today was a relaxed day.  We spent the morning playing with homemade play dough.  My mom used to make this for us when I was a kid, and now I love to make it for RR.  He has so much fun making snakes and using his shape sorter toys as cookie cutters.  It stays good and soft for months as long as it is  in a bag in the fridge.   

Homemade play doh

Rhonda’s Play Dough

1 C. Flour
1 Tbsp Cream of Tartar
1 C. Water
1/2 C. Salt
1 Tbsp Oil + food coloring

*Put all in a pan and mix.  Turn heat on medium.  Stir constantly.  Cook until dough pulls away from the sides.  Dump on wax paper and cool.  Store in bags in the fridge. 

Elfy attacked the gingerbread house last night.


Today was a dreary day outside so I decided to make soup for dinner.  I love when it finally gets cool enough in Texas to really enjoy a bowl of soup.  I got this recipe for white chili from my sister-in-law Carissa, and it is the best I have had. 


Carissa’s White Chili

1 Lb Chicken Breast cooked and shredded
1 Medium Onion chopped
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 Cans Kidney Beans
1 Can Great Northern Beans
14 Oz. Chicken Broth
1-4 oz Can Chopped Green Chilis
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Ground Cumin

**Add for the last 15 minutes of cooking**
1 1/2 C. Sour Cream
1 C. Whipping Cream

Bring everything except for the Sour Cream and Whipping Cream to a boil, simmer for 30 minutes.  Last 15 minutes add the Sour Cream and Whipping Cream. 


Christmas Day 12

Elfy climbed into RR’s sippy today, and it was super funny like always!


Tonight we built our gingerbread house.  It was so much fun.  RR is getting so big and he is really into stuff like this.  He is so funny too, his Daddy and I laughed the whole time.

RR ate more than his share of the treats before they could even make it to the house.


Super excited waiting for his turn to help out!


Licking the frosting off the spatula.  He kept telling us it was “num num” but I think he was actually trying to convince himself that it was good.


Our masterpiece.