Back to school

Everyone with kids has posted, or will post their back to school news, and since I don’t have a kid, just Johnny, I will post about him ūüôā¬†

I can’t believe that summer is over.¬† We had a total blast this summer, probably one of the best summers since we have been married.¬† It has been the first summer that we didn’t have to worry about applying to some school, or wonder what our future would be.¬† The first summer that Johnny didn’t have summer school on top of his 40 hour a week job.¬† The first summer he didn’t have to stay late every night after work to clean out the bowling alley.¬† The first summer we weren’t DYING of heat in a little brick apartment in the middle of downtown Salt Lake, or a boiling hot¬†metal trailer plunked in the middle of a hay field.¬†

We both still had to work, but every night after work¬†was all ours.¬† We got to spend every night together doing whatever we wanted.¬† We went on walks, and played tennis.¬† We went to Farmer’s Markets, and fishing, and to carnivals, and parades, and shopping, and out to eat at new places.¬† We played games with friends, and grew a garden (Johnny did at least), and took pictures, and went to a¬†rodeo, as well as¬†Colorado a few times.¬† We had a total blast.¬† Now school starts on Monday and I don’t know what I am going to do.¬† I will have to go back to just being me for a while.¬† But at least that means that we only have 2 more years of school.¬† It also means that Johnny is a 2L this year, and that he is less stressed than he was last year.¬† It means he already has friends and study groups and that he already knows how much time he needs to devote to his projects.¬† It means that I can plan a little better this year.¬† We can maybe try to go home for Thanksgiving this year, instead of staying here like last.¬† Overall it means a much more relaxed year for us.¬† We aren’t new anymore, we know our way around, we love the city, and our friends.¬† It should be a really fun year.