Cake Pops Round 2


I am getting better at these.  


I am determined to perfect them.


To be better than stinkin Bakerella.


I can do it. Can’t I?


Well, maybe not when my candy melts look like this I can’t.


I kinda burned my candy melts. But on the bag it says if you get them too hot you can add shortening and it will fix it. Half a tub of shorting later, they still weren’t fixed. So I had to use the other half of the bag that wasn’t burnt, as well as dark chocolate, and milk chocolate chips to cover the rest of my pops. But they turned out ok, at least I got them to stay on the sticks this time. I am convinced that the 3rd time is going to be the charm. I will keep you posted.

I am bursting with talent!

Look at these cute cards that I made all by myself.


That’s right, I glued and colored everything you see here.


I even tied these cute ribbons.


 I can do anything when I have friends like KaLee who make me look cool.  She cuts out all the paper, supplies everything, including treats and water, and walks me step by step through the entire card making process.  And look how stinkin cute they are!


These cute boy cards are to die for.


I am love them all, but I am head over hills in love with the pink bird ones!  They look so vintage and adorable that I don’t know if I can ever part with them.


Road Trip cont…

The first night we stayed in Keystone, which is right at the base of Mt. Rushmore.  It’s a cute little place.  It is like Jackson Hole crammed into 4 blocks.  It is also really narrow, so they had to build everything up.  Crazy how many buildings, and people they can squish in one place.  But it was fun and old west like.  Here are a few pictures from Keystone:











This poor dragonfly was stuck in the store window.



Back to school

Everyone with kids has posted, or will post their back to school news, and since I don’t have a kid, just Johnny, I will post about him 🙂 

I can’t believe that summer is over.  We had a total blast this summer, probably one of the best summers since we have been married.  It has been the first summer that we didn’t have to worry about applying to some school, or wonder what our future would be.  The first summer that Johnny didn’t have summer school on top of his 40 hour a week job.  The first summer he didn’t have to stay late every night after work to clean out the bowling alley.  The first summer we weren’t DYING of heat in a little brick apartment in the middle of downtown Salt Lake, or a boiling hot metal trailer plunked in the middle of a hay field. 

We both still had to work, but every night after work was all ours.  We got to spend every night together doing whatever we wanted.  We went on walks, and played tennis.  We went to Farmer’s Markets, and fishing, and to carnivals, and parades, and shopping, and out to eat at new places.  We played games with friends, and grew a garden (Johnny did at least), and took pictures, and went to a rodeo, as well as Colorado a few times.  We had a total blast.  Now school starts on Monday and I don’t know what I am going to do.  I will have to go back to just being me for a while.  But at least that means that we only have 2 more years of school.  It also means that Johnny is a 2L this year, and that he is less stressed than he was last year.  It means he already has friends and study groups and that he already knows how much time he needs to devote to his projects.  It means that I can plan a little better this year.  We can maybe try to go home for Thanksgiving this year, instead of staying here like last.  Overall it means a much more relaxed year for us.  We aren’t new anymore, we know our way around, we love the city, and our friends.  It should be a really fun year.

Helicopter ride-THE REVIEW

I had SO much more fun than I even thought I was going to.  I went with another guy from the fire department named D.C., and the mayor.  D.C. just retired from the Guard 3 weeks ago after 20 years of service, so it was great to have him with us.  He told us all about his last deployment to Afghanistan, he knew everyone there, and all the places we were going, and was basically the best tour guide we could have ever asked for.  Theron, the other fireman who is the pilot, actually got to be the one that flew us up and back.  The ride was so freaking fun, it was great.  They took us through a really narrow canyon, and flew us just right up above the water.  It was wild to see the canyon walls so far up and think that we are inside it.  We got to watch them shoot off rockets, and do an air drop.  We had lunch and walked around and it was really fun.  We were late coming back so they had to hurry fast and we were flying 180 miles an hour, with the 2 side windows open-that’s a lot of wind.  Here a few of my pictures.




One of the co pilots

The mayor, me and D.C.

The other helicopter


In the canyon

Me and our helicopter

Theron and D.C.

Shooting a gun

Me beating the Mayor



Air drop1

Air drop


Helicopter ride

Ok, so I am super excited for tomorrow.  Not only do I not have to go to the office, but I get paid like I did!  One of our firemen is in the National Guard, he is a pilot, and is getting ready to be deployed.  So the guard, as a thank you lets them pick 3 people from their organization to invite to a Superday.  So our fire guy invited his chief, the mayor and HR, because it is always a pain for us when they come and go because we have to do all of their benefits seperation paperwork etc, and I get to go.  I totally won by default because my boss is out of town, but who freaking cares-not me!  So we are driving to their base, about an hour away, where we will get on a helicopter and then we get to fly to their training camp and watch them shoot stuff off and eat a hamburger and best of all, NOT BE IN THE OFFICE!!  I will take a few pictures and show you when I get back.

My top songs this week

So I have a raging addiction to iTunes.  I can’t tell you the amount of money I have freely given to Apple, it’s insane.  I ALWAYS have to listen to music, day and night.  I have speakers in my bathroom, so I listen to my iPod when I shower and get ready every morning, I take it to work where I have speakers that I plug it into.  I listen to it on my walks everyday, in the car coming to and from work, and while I am on the computer at night.  I am pretty sure life should be set to music, you know, like in the movies.  Because I listen to my music so much, I end up buying a few new songs every week so I don’t poke my eyes out from the same songs, because once I am over a song, I still like it, I just don’t LOVE it like I did the week before.  I have a few all time favorites that I never get sick of though.  So here are my top songs for this week:

Johnny and June by Heidi Newfield
Trouble Sleeping by The Perishers
Mercy by OneRepublic

Please tell me that I am not the only music freak.  Plus I always love good new songs, so if you have some suggestions let me know.

A fun weekend home

Johnny and I had a really fun weekend up home.  I got to spend time with all my nieces and nephews-all 9 of them were in the same place, which can only happen once a year or less because half of them live far away, so it was really fun to see them all.  Johnny had to work on the bowling alley and get the roof fixed, it took him and dad 2 days, but now we are set for a few years.  We cooked smoores and played cards and had a fun time.  I will post pictures when I get a second.