Christmas Day 24

Christmas Eve was a fun day full of traditions.  I love traditions, old and new.

We made an apple pie.


Johnny cooked us his yummy Mexican for dinner.  It is always my favorite.

Christmas Eve

We had treats hanging from the lights again this year.  RR thought it was fun.

We read the Christmas story from the Bible, and acted it out with the nativity people.  And finally we got to open our new Christmas jammies from Nana and Papa.  RR was SO excited to open a present, but after he found out it was only going to be jammies he was mad.  He was pretty sure that new jammies didn’t qualify as a an actual present.  He lucked out and his Aunt Randa called and Facetimed with us and let him open one of the gifts she sent him, so he perked up a little.


Then it was off to bed to wait for Santa to come.   

Christmas Day 23

What a wonderful day we had today.  Johnny took the day off of work and we drove to Galveston to see the festival of lights at Moody Gardens.  It was such a perfect day with my little family. 

We went early so we could walk the beach.

My boy has decided he is a Texan now because it was a little chilly at the beach and he wanted nothing to do with it, and started shivering violently.  It’s his new thing to be really dramatic when he does things.  He kept begging to go back to the car, so our walk was short, but still fun. 


We stopped to walk around The Strand, the historic downtown of Galveston, and it was really fun. 

I found a new favorite store while we were there.  It was a local soda shop/candy store.  They make all the chocolate and ice cream themselves, and it is all vintage.  They even have their workers dress the part which I loved!

Soda shop


The lights were fun again this  year, and RR had a great time. 


RR and his Daddy even got to roast a marshmallow and make a s’more.


Here is what Elfy was doing last night.



Christmas Day 22

I had my Dr. appointment today and I am measuring 2 weeks ahead, so my doctor is pretty sure baby boy is going to be over 10 pounds!  It’s always so fun to get to hear his little heart just beating away. 

Today was one of my favorite Christmas days, it was our annual Fancy Cheese Party!!  I LIVE for Fancy Cheese Party.  What makes this so fun is that each year we change it up by trying out new cheeses and recipes.  It never gets old, and we eat so much that we can hardly move, but it is so worth it. 

Fancy cheese party


We made our own baked Brie this year.  We have done Brie in the past and I have never once liked it, but Johnny really likes it, so I try year after year and finally this year, I fell in love with baked Brie.  If you aren’t on Pinterest yet you really should be, it is amazing and I have gotten some awesome recipes on there, this included. 


Elfy driving RR’s horse truck and trailer around the house.



Christmas Day 21

Today was Ugly Sweater day for Johnny.  His firm is large, over 80 attorneys, but they are broken up into smaller teams depending upon the region they work in, so his team was the only one in the firm to host an ugly sweater party.  We found this yellow sweater vest at a thrift shop, and then I glued the red reindeer on the front.  He had to get a the turtleneck from the women’s department, and when he tried it on RR said, “nice Dadda, nice” ha!  The best part is his combed over hair!!  They had a competition for the ugliest sweater and Johnny won! 

Ugly sweater

Here are some pictures that I took of RR the other day by the tree.  While he is little and will still let me, I am going to attempt these each year.  He always looks so cute in his jammies!

Last night Elfy climbed up on the chain of the ceiling fan.



Christmas Day 20

Tonight was a fun night because we made treats to take around to our new neighbors.  I have 2 really wonderful single ladies that live on each side of us, and they just adore my little RR.  Both of them have given him little gifts already and we see them out walking their dogs a lot and they always stop to chat with us.  RR had so much fun carrying their presents over and handing them to them.  He was also super brave and told them Merry Christmas. 

The pretty treat boxes… I picked up at Michaels, they are Martha Stewart. 


Last night Elfy was caught shooting some hoops on RR’s basketball stand.  Elfy is RR’s favorite thing to get to do in the mornings, he always drags me by the hand saying “Elfy, Elfy” and he is really good at scanning the room and trying to find him.  When he does find him he laughs all crazy and jumps up and down.   


Christmas Day 19

I finally got around to wrapping a few gifts today. 

Day 18 gifts

I have been sick the past few days and so Johnny came home a little early and took RR with him Christmas shopping so I could rest and have some quiet time.  He is such an amazing Dad and husband!

Daddy and RR

Last night that crazy Elfy ate one of RR’s cookies, but RR wasn’t upset, he was excited to help Elfy eat the rest of it this morning.


Christmas Day 18

I am blown away that Christmas is in 1 week!  Where did the time go?

Tonight was our night to make Gingerbread cookies and watch Frosty the Snowman and it was a blast!  RR has so much fun helping us cook, it is one of his favorite things, he is just like his Daddy that way.


He is such a good helper too!


Daddy & RR

Mama & RR

Last night Elfy hid out in RR’s Christmas PJ can.