Baby Boy #2’s Nursery

We finally finished baby’s nursery!  Here is a look back at what RR’s nursery looked like when we lived in the Little Laramie Pink House.  I was able to reuse a lot of the furniture, but I also wanted to do it different, I wanted to make it unique to this new little man.    

We did the accent wall gray, and the other walls a pretty light blue.  I love how the colors turned out, they are very soft and relaxing to me.  I was worried the gray was going to be too dark, but it wasn’t at all.  This is the same crib, and I was so happy I got to use the same canvas I did for RR, since it no longer works in his big boy room. 

The bookcases are new, we bought them from IKEA.  I love how they look flanking the crib.  It also gave me tons of room for books, and baby’s “special things” that I wanted to display.

I like things in my house to have meaning and purpose.  I am a saver, I keep all sorts of things that are special to me.  It’s a trait that I get from my Dad, for better or worse!  I wanted to represent both Johnny and I in baby’s room.  I like how the room shows our history and baby’s.  We are still trying to find a few Texas items for his shelf, but we did go to Build a Bear and made him a Longhorn, since he is my little Texan! 

This shelf is for me.  The milk bottle comes from Star Valley, the ball is one that was mine when I was a baby, and the books we had when we were growing up and I always loved them.  The marbles were Johnny’s, so we split them between the boys, RR has a little cup full in his room and he loves them. 

This shelf is for Johnny.  When I decided that I wanted things from our past to be in baby’s room I started searching ebay for things from Johnny’s hometown of Preston Idaho and I lucked out big time with this sugar sack!  This old sugar factory is still standing, and when Johnny was little he would go and play in it.  He has some really fun memories of running around in the old building and was so excited when I found this bag.  The Winnie the Pooh his parents bought for RR when he was born because Johnny had one when he was a baby.  I cut the red shirt off because I liked it better without.  Also the candle in the silver lamp is from our wedding, it has our names and wedding date on it.   

I have a lot of empty picture frames because I am waiting to fill them with pictures of baby.  I also bought all the frames from IKEA.  The gray shelf was brown when it was in RR’s nursery, and we put a fresh coat of white paint on the dresser.  I had to buy a new rocker since we moved RR’s to his big boy room because he still likes to be rocked. 

I searched and searched for the perfect pictures for these frames and I finally found them on Etsy.  They were only $8 each and they were a digital download so I printed them myself on my printer.  I love both sayings, and I sing You Are My Sunshine to my boys all the time, so it is perfect.  I also love the splash of color they add to this side of the room.  Again the frames are from IKEA.   

If you follow me on Pinterest (@Carolyn Beth) you can see my Kid’s Room board to see where my inspiration came from for the room.  I LOVE Pinterest!   

Baby’s Nursery

This last weekend we finally finished up everything in the nursery.  I am so happy with how it turned out. 

Here is what it looked like before.




Johnny was so sweet and he painted and fixed anything and everything that I requested. 



Here he is setting up the crib. 



Here is the finished room.



I already blogged about the awesome dresser that he painted for baby. 


We have been collecting kids books ever since we started trying to have a baby, so he has plenty of books to get him started.


A few decorations.


We bought him these rabbit moccasins in Alaska this summer.


These were Johnny’s marbles when he was little.


I got this old matchbox from my Great Grandma years ago. 


Mom gave me the rocking chair from her store. 


I saw this vinyl a few years ago and bookmarked the page in case I ever had a baby.  It was supposed to go right on the wall but we wanted to be able to take it with us when we move so we put it on canvas.  John painted the canvas to match the blue walls and the vinyl went on great.  I really love how it turned out.


My mom made the blanket for his crib.  She said I better appreciate it because it was not only her first attempt, but her last.  No more homemade blankets from her.  I love how it turned out, it is perfect and just what I wanted.


I am obsessed with looking at the little things hanging in his closet. 


I have a picture of me when I was a baby playing with same toy.  It chimes when you roll it around. 


This owl was one of the very first toys we bought for him after we found out we were having a boy.  I LOVE retro owls.


Here is Tiny Baby’s cradle that is in our room.  I have him some adorable bedding coming for it.  It should be here sometime this week I hope.  I will blog about it when I get it.  I love his cradle.  I always knew that I wanted a classic looking cradle for him to sleep in while he was tiny and I found this at Target.  The moose we got him in Alaska.