Everyone has their own opinions on Photoshop.  As we all know by now, I love it.  I think it is great.  I honestly feel that it can enhance a picture and turn it into something much more moving and better than it was straight out of the camera.  There are purists who feel that using Photoshop is like cheating, but I don’t.  I still think you have to be able to capture a good picture before making it amazing in Photoshop.  I also feel like Photoshop is an art form in itself.  Here are a few before and after shots so you can see what I am talking about.  The first ones are straight out of the camera.

IMG_7801 by you.

DF4 by you.

IMG_7962 by you.

ARM5 by you.



116 by you.

T2 by you.

Kelsie 196 by you.

T58 by you.

Stylers3 050 by you.

LS2 by you.

Bairds-Terris pre wedding 138


Austin 013