Dick and Jane 1st Birthday Party

I wanted the theme of Christian’s 1st birthday to be Dick and Jane because as an infant in his cradle I had Dick and Jane bedding that he was obsessed with!  At one point I had to turn the bedding inside out so he would go to sleep and stop staring at the characters.  I have a very amazing, and talented friend who did all the sewing for the banners, gift bags, and table runners for me.  It turned out just as I had envisioned, and it was a fun project.

I was in love with these darling invites I got from this Etsy shop.

This was the entry table.

We had a candy bar.

The main table.

I bought customized party labels from this Etsy shop.

This is where we made our own party hats.  I bought cheap party hats from Hobby Lobby, and covered them with cute paper and ribbon and then everyone got to add their own embellishments.

We also had a coloring table with vintage birthday printables.

I LOVED these party favors!

Every bag was a different Dick and Jane picture.  I found the fabric on Etsy as well.

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