My Mom-The Furniture Whisperer

My Mom is totally the furniture whisperer.  I swear the woman has magic powers when it comes to decorating.  She loves the D.I./Salvation Army and goes every time she is in Idaho Falls or Salt Lake.  She will drag home the ugliest things you have ever seen, and I am talking ugly, and you wonder if she has lost her mind.  But without a doubt she can remake that ugly thing into something adorable.  She honestly has an eye for these things.  I am her biggest doubter but I am getting better.  You should see her when she unloads her Whinny Wan (that is what we call Mini Vans) and tries to get me to catch her vision.  I just never can catch it.  I still see a pile of junk that she paid too much for.  But I am not kidding you, give the woman a can of paint, a glue gun, and a few hours and you will have a masterpiece on your hands.  She is the best. Every time one of us moves somewhere she is the one who comes and decorates.  I love it.  Dad is the mover, he helps us pack and move and my Mom helps us tear everything out of the boxes so she can decorate.  She always decorates the living room first.  She likes to have one room all done and decorated while we are still trying to unpack the rest of the boxes.  No matter where you live she can transform your place into a beautiful home you can be proud of.  When I move my house never feels like home until Mom comes and decorates.  Once she is done it feels so peaceful and lovely. 

I don’t have any before pictures, but here are some of her D.I. rehabs.  John and I actually found the TV cabinet on our own at D.I.  It was only $50 and it is all real wood, what a deal.  It was just regular pine color when we bought it and I quickly painted it black, but when we moved Mom wanted it to match a few other pieces she had gotten for me at D.I. so we repainted it and Mom did the antiquing.  Almost all of the decorations that you see were found at D.I. or thrift shops, or from TJ Maxx.  It’s it cute? 


Here is the dresser she bought and fixed up.  The top was in terrible shape.  The veneer top had been pulled off and it was a mess.  She added layers and layers of wood putty and fixed it up nice.  She painted it to match the TV cabinet. (Don’t mind the dirty mirror.)


She is so talented.  Plus she loves doing it and she would do it for anyone, and I mean anyone who wanted her too.  She loves it; it is her passion and she finds her bliss doing it.  So if you ever want someone to come help decorate your house, give Rhonda a call 🙂