Mrs. Carolyn Beth Goes to Washington

Ok not really Washington, but I did go to the Legislature today.  My boss and I took a day away from the office to go and join up with another HR group for a full blown day at the Legislature.  It started with lunch and networking.  FYI I loathe networking, it falls into that social anxiety thing I have talked about earlier.  Then we had some representative come and talk to us, during which time we were texting back and forth about the boringness fascinating points of his talk. 

Next it was off to the Capital. 


It was a lovely building.  I think I would like to live there and dress in big fancy ball gowns like Scarlett O’Hara and float down these stairs all day while my maids and servants fanned me with feather fans and scrubbed my floors like Cinderella.


That is real Italian marble, and did you know that it comes out of the ocean/sea/body of water, and that you can tell it is real because you can spot little dead fish fossils in it?  Just a little fact that I learned from my old lady tour guide today.

We went and listened to these boring dudes talk about really boring stuff that had no bearing on my job or life at the moment.


And the whole time I couldn’t help but wonder how many of them were checking in on their facebook, or updating their facebook status.  Because that is what I wished I was doing.  Damn you facebook and your mind controlling powers.

And then when I came home I told John that he needs to be the Governor because I want to be the First Lady.  He told me to be Govenor because he has no interest in the job.  But I don’t want to be Governor, I said, I want to be First Lady.  He held his ground.  Dang it John why are you always dashing my dreams like that?


The whole thing reminded me of high school when I joined Junior Legislature for no other reason than the free trip and a few days off of school.  We did nothing but pass inappropriate notes back and forth and make fun of the people who actually were trying to learn and better themselves and get something out of the trip.  Good times.